Monday, September 1, 2008


Ok, so I have gone over some of the posts that I put out there, and it has finally occured to me that I have become an agent. When I was modeling, I was always miffed as to why agents were so quick on the phone, and these days, I am sure you are feeling the same way with the quick answers to questions via email.
I thought I would always have the time to go over every detail of the modeling industry, but now realize that I am not a manager. I am an agent, the person who finds clients and models and by some miracle puts them together. And when I say miracle, I am not kidding, you should see how busy you guys are! We call you to go on castings, and you are running all over town doing a zillion things, and none of them have to do with going to meet the client!
Sooooo...then we need to make sure we have enough models to cover the jobs, and then we get more models, so that is why we are always in a hurry, we are trying to get everyone working, and in the process we are not able to chit chat, or get into conversations.
The bottom line is that we do appreciate you and hope you understand that we are only doing our best, which means booking and castings all day long! Keep showing up to castings and you will be on the top of the list every time!

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