Monday, September 29, 2008

Courtney in the spotlight!
Every time I have to choose a model to put in the spotlight, I have such a hard time deciding who to post, since there are so many of you that deserve your time in the light. Please know that I am watching your bookings, your casting attendance, your attitude towards clients, and the entire package. This month our model in the spotlight is Courtney. Courtney is an amazing model. Upon our first meeting, I said after she left the office, " That girl is going to book". Courtneys energy was so amazing, she was personable, friendly and outgoing. She had the confidence that I look for in a model, and the beauty to go with it.
As predicted, Courtney started booking right away. I was not surprised, since she is such an amazing model and person. I believe that Courtney touches everyone she meets in a positive way. I feel very luck to have Courtney with Peak Models & Talent.
I look forward matching her up with new clients, and watching her thrive!
I have also noticed that Courtney goes to all of the castings we provide, and there is no drama or being picky.
I believe that Courtney understand the power of meeting people and that the more people you meet the better off you will succeed at whatever you are doing.
Courtney is also very diverse, she can do fashion, athletic wear, swimwear, and everyhting inbetween. Courtney's natural athletic ablility has enabled her to maintain a fit and healthy figure booking major sportswear companies. As I mentioned, I am looking for the " it" factor, and again you can see it with
Courtney P.

Congratulations Courtney, you are truly an outstanding person!

Model Spotlight Courtney!
Hello! My name is Courtney and I am originally from Newnan, GA! I TRULY LOVE the South and think it has really shaped who I am today. My family is VERY outdoorsy so I grew up going on several camping, rafting, fishing, sailing and backpacking trips with my entire family. (That....and also ROOTING the Auburn TIGERS to victory each football season:)!!)

I also was a model as a child and left high school in 9th grade to live in in New York in a model's apartment! I was even lucky enough to be photographed by Ellen Von Unwerth. I only stayed in NYC for a short while, as I had to finish high school with my class. After I moved back to Atlanta, I then decided to focus on acting. My biggest role was playing Rebecca DeMornay in some flashback scenes in the made for TV movie, GETTING OUT.

After high school, I went to the University of San Diego where I majored in Mass Communications (aka film and television) and minored in French! I took a semester abroad and lived in Australia where I got credit for school and was able to travel to New Zealand and Thailand! It was a great experience.

After college, I got a job guiding backpacking trips for a company called MOONDANCE ADVENTURES! It was fabulous! It was me, and one other co-leader, and we would get a group of about 12-14 teenagers and would take them on a backpacking trip for 2 weeks at a time! We would take the kids rock climbing, rafting, backpacking, hiking...just living in the outdoors 24/. It was incredible....but alas, it is very seasonal work and I needed a full time I moved back to Atlanta and got a job with the Turner networks; CNN, TBS, TNT, Cartoon Network, doing ad sales. After a year there, I was offered a chance to go to LA and work for TBS and TNT on the development and production side. I studied production in college so I was excited to work in the entertainment industry, just behinde the scenes! I helped develop and produce shows such as THE CLOSER, and MY BOYS! After 3 years behinde the scenes, the acting and modeling bug bit me again....and with being in LA....I decided to give this world I loved soo much as a child, another try! I quit my job at TBS and TNT last July and have been working as an actress and a model ever since. I am soo happy I made that decision! I love acting and modeling and hopefully will continue to book as I have been thus far.

I would say my talents include being an outdoors guide and experienced backpacker. I have backpacked through Iceland, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the British Virgin Islands, Mexico, EU and last year I did the PATAGONIAS in Chile! I love being outdoors and traveling. I am also getting certified to teach pilates and become a personal trainer. I love being in shape and I love helping people discover how good they can feel too! This is also a great job to have while pursuing acting and modeling since I can make my own hours! I also love speaking French although now that I live in CA....I wish I took Spanish in college:)! Above all, I love being around my family and friends....

I was asked to star in celebrity trainer, VALERIE WATERS', work out video that is coming out this Fall. Together, we have been on Access Hollywood and EXTRA promoting her workouts that have changed the bodies of many celebrities including Jennifer Garner and Jessica Alba.

Getting serious about booking!
Hi everyone~!
I though I would share my thoughts with you on this econimic situation that our country has slid into. As you all know we are seeing the worst economic slump in our country's history. If you are not aware, I am so happy for you since that means you have no idea what is going on, and therefore must be blissfully happy!
For the rest of us that see the reality on a daily basis on the news media, we need to be careful not to fall victim to the negative emotions of what is happening around us.
For one, I am always amazed at how many of you are actors and actresses and turn down high paying jobs for a " audition". I can tell you this, I have been an agent for 13 years now, and I have seen the same thing year after year. People come from all over the nation to LA to chase the dream. I fully understand following your passion, but I also believe in paying your rent and having money for times of crisis.
Let's put it this way, I modeled for over 10 years before being an agent, I saved money every year for retirement, and I try to always be prepared for a rainy day.
My concern is that many of you are living day to day and not planning your future.
I know if feels like you will always be young, but time flies, and we have to plan accordingly.
What plan do you have in place to save money?
Do you have medical insurance in case you fall ill like I did with cancer?
Just a note, the cost of saving my life was over $350,000.00 in treatment. Thank goodness I have insurance, not to mention the lifetime of check ups I will need.
The final note is, take the jobs we offer, you never know, a fit modeling job could pan out to a six figure income if you do it right. I know first hand, since I did it myself and worked constantly, making a great income in my 20's.
Do you know that being a fit model is one of the highest paying positions that does not require a college degree?
Think about it!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Getting to know Megan!

As you all know we are happy to feature models that are doing a great job with PEAK!
The focus of this program is to learn and grow from each other.
Here is an interview with Megan, our Spotlight model!

At what age did you start modeling?
Well if I am being honest the first time that I ever struck a pose was at the age of 5. I was front and center of my
kindergarten class picture. I throw my left leg behind my right and stuck my hip out. I remember running down the
alley reenacting the pose to my mom as she was getting home from work. The first time that I ever shot with a
professional photographer I was 17. The first time that I ever got paid to model I was 25 when I booked a job with
Hot Tuna through Peak.

What was your reason for wanting to be a model?
It just feels right. I have always thought about modeling. When I was in highschool a friend of mine went to Model
Search America and that was the first time that I ever heard of model scouting. Long story short I went to the scouting
twice. It was held in Washington, DC. and I had gotten a call from an agent the second time that I had went to try
out. They were the typical scam that you hear about; pay for pictures, class, the whole nine. After doing that for a
year, I had to stop because of all of the lies and disappointments, it was such a joke. I focused on my degree in
Graphic Design, but whenever someone needed a model for photography class I was ready and willing. I would even
put my face or body image in my own projects. I knew that if I continued to put my love for modeling out there it
would come to me. There are plenty of jobs that you come across through out life and modeling makes me feel
amazing. The reason that I started modeling so late was because I wanted to finish College before going after my
true passion of modeling. I thought that it was just a phase but after receiving a degree in Visual Communications,
the day dreaming of moving to LA did not fade. I knew in my gut that I could be successful in Los Angeles as a
model, as well as many other things. It just felt right. Modeling gives me a high like no other. I love the competition, I
love the rush of strutting down a runway and I love looking at my face looking back at me on a catalog. I feel overwhelmed
with satisfaction. Modeling has definitely built my confidence. I feel like I can achieve anything that I put
my mind too.

What would be your dream job as a model?
I would love to beable to travel the world and get paid for it. I have never left the United States. I know it’s shocking. I
have a passport so I am trying to put out positive vibes. It would also be a huge accomplishment to one day grace
the covers of Cosmopolitan, Shape, Glamour ect.

What do you think is the difference between Peak Models and other modeling agencies?
From the moment I walked into Peak I felt very welcome and knew that they were the real deal. I will never forget I
meant with Natasha, signed papers and then Tammi had already arranged 2 castings for me to go on that same day. I
remembering saying, “Are you serious?” and her response was , “Yes...this is how it works.” She even printed me out
directions, which means a lot to me because I am always getting lost. Agencies before just made me feel like I was
being judged from the moment that I walked into the door. I understand as models and actors we are judged upon
everyday but it’s nice to have an agency that makes you feel like family from the moment you enter the door.

What is your main goal in the modeling business?
My main goal in the modeling business is to book as many jobs as I can, so I can have a nice lump sum in the bank
for my future. I just want to continue to learn from other models and to continue to network as much as possible. I
am always trying to grow.
Where do you see yourself in the next five years?
In the next five years I would love to own a beach house in Hermosa and begin to star in films, especially romantic
comedies. I would also love to have a nice long list of commercial, television and film credits on my resume. I have
to dream big! Why not?

What is your favorite part of being a model?
Everything from hair and makeup to picking out clothes, to posing for the camera. Everything about it is fun and I
even get paid. I pray all the time and thank God for allowing me to be successful as a model because the modeling/
entertainment world is so competitive. I also enjoy having a sneak preview of all the new trends and fashions.
Modeling has allowed me to make a living doing what I love to do!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Model Spotlight!

Ok everyone, I mentioned that I would like to "spotlight" the models that are really showing up and doing their part. I also want to be able to tell all of you how the models in the spotlight are doing what they do. I will be sending out a list of questions for an interview with the model in the spotlight so that we can all learn from each other what works and what doesn't.
Todays model in the spotlight is Megan D. Megan has been booking on a consistent basis. Today Megan is busy shooting her BUD LIGHT NATIONAL BEER COMMERCIAL booked by our commercial division at Peak Models & Talent!
Megan has already booked a high end demin line for the October Demin market, she also did a LIBERTY MUTUAL print ad! Peak Models & Talent was happy to book her in the TROPIC OF THUNDER movie this past summer, and several fit positions with high end designer labels. Being a FIT MODEL also helps Megan keep up her income between castings and auditions.
As an agent I am always looking for that special something in a person, and I can truly say that Megan has "it". By "it", I mean that she has a willingness to succeed, a passion for what she does, and she is truly excited about all of the opportunities offered. Yes there are times that the jobs are not as high paying, but guess what, Megan goes and books them. THAT is the "it" factor. More and more clients are calling and asking for that "spuky sweet girl Megan with the great attitude. Conversly we get calls about other models that are not rebooked because the client said they need to work on their attitude. Isn't that intereseting that your attitude can have such an impact on your income? This is a huge lesson!
Do you go through life and notice people that you really like perhaps at the grocery store or STARBUCKS? People that shine at what they do, they seem upbeat and happy to be doing what they are doing? That is exactly what Megan brings to the table.
Megan D is one of the best examples of a go getter, and I am happy to have her in the model "SPOTLIGHT" for every one see. Congratulations Megan!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Models in the Spotlight!

Ok everyone, we all need to know when we are doing a good job, so I have decided to do a "spotlight" blog on the models that are getting out there and booking!
It will also be a great tool for the models in the "Spotlight" to share with friends, family, and casting directors, producers etc. What better way to get your face out there than with a positive comment published on an agency blog that sings your praises?
We will also be doing interviews with models at PEAK MODELS & TALENT to give you an inside look at the work ethic of the models that are booking. We can all learn from each other and I look forward to seeing each and everyone of you in the "Spotlight".
If you feel that you should be featured on our blog, please email me a list of your most current bookings even if we di dnot book them for you, it still counts as booking credits that you have. Since this is a new feature on the blog, please be patient and feel free if you are in the "Spotlight" to forward our blog address to everyone and anyone you feel should know that you are considered a success.
Always the best!
Natasha Duswalt

Monday, September 8, 2008


How to Write a Book and Self-Publish It in 30 Days… or Less!

If you own a business, or if you’re self-employed, or if you’re a salesperson for a company, OR IF YOU'RE A MODEL OR AN ACTOR, writing a very simple, small book could be your best sales tool.

But, most people get overwhelmed at the thought of writing a book. If you come to my seminar this Friday, you will not only understand how easy it is to write a book, but you’ll also walk out of my seminar knowing exactly what you’re going to write – with a title, and all the chapters outlined.

The popular seminar is called, "How to Write a Book and Self-Publish It in 30 Days… or Less!" and it promises to enlighten you about all the reasons you should write a book to help generate sales and why self-publishing it is easy and inexpensive.

Think of this — how much do you spend a year in promotional items with your business name printed on it — pens, mugs, hats, golf balls, etc? Did you ever think about handing out a book instead? Yes, a book — a real book.

Imagine giving everyone you meet your book filled with information about what you do, and call-to-actions that get them to buy your products, while, at the same time, teaching them the ins and outs of your business so they’ll continue to be your clients for a long time, instead of handing them a measly little business card that they’ll probably toss away. They will, however, have a hard time tossing away a book.

At my seminar, How to Write a Book and Self-Publish It in 30 Days… or Less, I will show you, step-by-step how I wrote 4 books in 3 months – 2 are printed and 2 are E-Books. I regularly sell my books at my seminars, and on my website. I also give them out at raffles around my hometown. Think about this – I look "generous" because I’m giving away my books for free at non-profit events so they can make a few bucks for their charity, and at the same time, I'm getting free publicity. Plus, the person that received my books will probably someday become a customer of mine because they enjoyed the books. It happens all the time.

See how this works? The possibilities are endless.

Imagine also, having an E-Book on your website that you give out for free if a potential client enters their name and e-mail address in your Opt-In Box. You now have someone interested in your business that “opted-in” to your website and now you have a greater chance of turning them into one of your customers.

The reasons for writing a small “tips” business book, like I did, don’t stop there. You also immediately become known as an expert in your field, and people will want to do business with you because “you must know what you’re doing if you were able to write a book about it.”

And because you might put your picture and/or name on the cover of the book, you are immediately perceived as a celebrity. People love to associate themselves with celebrities, and therefore that means more business for your company.

Here’s a concept — you could even sell the books – imagine that. I can show you where I got my books printed for 92 cents each. Think of it — if I sell my book for as low as $5 each, I still make $4 a book, AND I’m promoting my business at the same time. I, however, sell my books for $13 each — a profit of $12 per book.

This is a no-brainer folks — everybody’s writing books these days. Even my good friend Slash, formerly of Guns N’ Roses, wrote a book. But most people are taking a year or two to do it. I will show you how to do it really fast, so you can get it out there and start generating more business right away.

Seriously consider coming to my seminar, this Friday, September 12, 2008 from 9:00 AM – 11:30 AM at the Valencia Country Club in Valencia, CA. I will open your eyes to a whole new way of doing business, and at the same time I’ll be cutting down your cold calls — everybody’s dream. I never make cold calls, and I attribute that to having a book I can give out when I network.

If you would like to attend my seminar this Friday, please go to my website today,, and click on Reserve your Seat. For only $47 you will walk out of my seminar knowing exactly what you’re going to write about, and a new appreciation on how easy it will be to write it.

And here’s a little secret — I will even be sharing how and where you can get someone to write the book for you, very inexpensively, and you still get ALL THE CREDIT. This secret alone is worth the entire price of admission. Hope to see you this Friday.

Craig Duswalt
America’s RockStar Business Coach

How to Write a Book and Self-Publish It in
30 Days... or Less!
Friday, September 12, 2008
9:00 AM - 11:30 AM
Valencia Country Club - Valencia Ballroom
27330 North Tourney Road • Valencia, CA 91355
To register please go to

Passports anyone?

Ah, vacation...we all need them and love them. And those wonderful destinations that are filled with glistening sands, tranquil beaches, pretty drinks with tropical fruits attatched, and of course the ever wonderful hotel room with room service.
Now, to get to these places is another story. As a model there are numerous opportunities to go to wonderful locations if you are prepared.
That means that if you are "ready to go" at the drop of a hat, you could be booked on a very beautiful trip at the last second, IF of course you have a valid passport ready to go with you.
There is no better tool to have then a valid passport. Clients try to book people all of the time, only to find out that their passport is expired, or worse, they do not have one at all.
So, then what? You got it, they call to "replace" that person with someone who is ready to go.
Who would you rather be? The one being cancelled for not being ready or the one booking because you had all yoru duck in a row?
Go get your possport, and if you have one, make sure it is updated. You never know who will be calling!

Monday, September 1, 2008


Ok, so I have gone over some of the posts that I put out there, and it has finally occured to me that I have become an agent. When I was modeling, I was always miffed as to why agents were so quick on the phone, and these days, I am sure you are feeling the same way with the quick answers to questions via email.
I thought I would always have the time to go over every detail of the modeling industry, but now realize that I am not a manager. I am an agent, the person who finds clients and models and by some miracle puts them together. And when I say miracle, I am not kidding, you should see how busy you guys are! We call you to go on castings, and you are running all over town doing a zillion things, and none of them have to do with going to meet the client!
Sooooo...then we need to make sure we have enough models to cover the jobs, and then we get more models, so that is why we are always in a hurry, we are trying to get everyone working, and in the process we are not able to chit chat, or get into conversations.
The bottom line is that we do appreciate you and hope you understand that we are only doing our best, which means booking and castings all day long! Keep showing up to castings and you will be on the top of the list every time!