Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Planning on getting sick?

So, we call the models to go out for a casting. The job pays $1000.00 per day and works three days, maybe four. The response is always colored with a range of responses. We hear everything from everyone, "I'm booked, can I go another time?" " My car is not working today",
" I have too many castings today", "I have cramps", "I didn't get the casting, my cell phone was not charged", and my new favorite, "I think that I am going to be getting sick either today or tomorrow".
Now that is amazing to me that a person would actually plan that they will be sick, instead of maybe finding a way to enhance their immune system to avoid getting sick. Believe me, I know all to well about being sick. I spent a year battling for my life with cancer. So, pardon me if I am a little less than understanding of a person that is " planning on being sick". Are you kidding?
Does anyone else find this to be self defeating?
After going through chemo and having my life turned upside down and having no choice but to go down for days at a time every other week for 7 months, I know what "not feeling well" is like. I can assure you that there is no worse torture than chemo.
The only thing besides the medical treatment that saved my life was my will to live and overcome this disease. If you are already deciding to get sick, then you will. If you decide to be well, then you will find a way to do the things that keep you well.
What are you doing to be well? What do you do on a daily basis to stay healthy? What are you doing that might not be the best for you?
Remember, you only have one body, treat it well, it has to last, hopefully for a long time!
And remember, planning on being sick will not serve you very well.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Saying Good-bye...

Peak Models & Talent is sorry to say that Rana Fisher, one of our wonderful models, sadly passed away this past weekend.
Rana Fisher has been with Peak Models & Talent for many years, and has always been a hard working, positive, bright light to everyone.
Rana was always upbeat and cheerful, and truly loved life. Rana left this life too soon, and she will be missed dearly.
We offer our sympathies to her family and loved ones, and feel that, we too, have suffered a great loss of a friend.

Rana Fisher 1979-2008

Friday, August 8, 2008

Bookings and more bookings!

Here we are in full swing this sunmer, and as much as everyone has been out of town, I am happy to report that those of you that stuck around are booking!
We have had a really busy month with several models booking bridal catalogs at great rates, one of our newer guys just booked the BRINKS SECURITY job, we had a nice lingerie catalog book, we sent several models to MIAMI for the annual swim show, and we have had over 25 models book print jobs in just a couple of days. We also booked the SIEMANS print job with one of our newer ladies which booked with a nice day rate and a hefty buy out. We have also been booking models for a pilot that if picked up could really help all the models that worked on the show. They have hired 4 - 6 girls per day!!! We have several models going out of town to VEGAS this month, we booked a major print campaign with another one of our guys working in Arizona. The client paid a great day rate and even threw in $500.00 worth of wardrobe for the model to keep! We have also of course been placing models with ongoing fit model positions as usual. The bottom line is that if you are missing out, it could be that you are not showing up for castings. Make sure to go to your castings, and email us new photos so we can send them out for you! We have been booking high end clients that only want reliable models that have strong books. Come in and get your portfolio if you are still running around with an old book or worse a binder!