Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Two models

As an agent, I am constantly meeting models, working with models, and seeing models make choices about their careers. I am writing about a situation that happened recently with two models that I have worked with, one I still work with, the other not. The first model we will call Mary, and Mary was a committed model that showed up for all of her castings, never complainging, just doing her part. Mary was working at a steel company when she came to me, and after a short time started booking jobs, fitting jobs. Mary did not turn her nose up at fit modeling since she was happy to make the $85.00 - $100.00 per hour to try on clothes. The second model we will call Sally. Sally was a beautiful girl that was able to book jobs by walking in the door. I would call Sally and ask her for comp cards, and she would tell me that she was "shooting" and of course that was a stall tactic. Clients would call and request Sally, and she would either not show up or try to change the casting times. After a while clients started to get tired of her diva ways. There were times when clients would ask if the could just get a photo of her they would book, but sadly she was " shooting" new photos, that never materialized, and we never got any cards. If I had a dollar for every time a model tells me she is "shooting" new photos for a new card, I would have a lot of dollars! So as the story goes, Mary continued to book, and she is now a full time fitting model with major designers and labels. She bought a house a few years back, and is now launching a side business with the money she made modeling.
Sally on the other hand has called me to tell me she wants to get back into modeling, but cannot go to castings during the day because she is working full time at a clothing store. I guess they are still in fashion just making vastly different wages. Which model are you?

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lanapooh23 said...

Two very interesting scenarios. I recently joined Peak Models and booked my first catalog last week by being a "Mary" model.Modeling is definately a business where you have to market yourself in a professional manner....people will not put up with the drama for too long.