Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Should we call you???

Ok, I have to say this because it seems to be a topic that comes up and I will address this once and for all. When you are sent to a casting, please do not call and ask what your chances of booking are in that job, we do not have a crystal ball. Also,please do not call and complain if you were not right either. If you walk into a casting and feel that you are too small, big, tall, short, wide, thin, tan, pale, square, round, pear shaped, etc. DO NOT CALL LOOKING TO BLAME YOUR AGENCY!!!!!
We cannot control what the clients decide, and yes it is frusterating, but we are on your side!!!!
How about this? The next time you do not book a job that I send you on, how about I call you and complain to you and say" Why didn't you book that job?" Why did I bother sending you if you cannot book? Of course I would never do that to any of you out of respect, and as your agency, we expect the same respect in return.
We are not intentionally looking to send you out to drive all over LA for nothing.
It is our intention that you book the jobs. So, the next time you get irritated that you did not book, just think about this, we want the best for you and your complaints only remind us that you might not be easy to deal with, which of course keeps us from feeling like we can count on you to book the next job.

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