Tuesday, July 8, 2008

People Change!

Models often get the funny idea that if they have seen a client or worked for them in the past that there is no need to go back to see the client again. Some models have even worked for the client and cannot understand why they need to be seen again to be cast all over? It does seem strange, but here is the real deal. Clients are companies. Companies hire people. People change and move onto other jobs, and that means new people are deciding what models to use. There might still be someone at the company that knows you, but be fully awawre that they might be trying to keep you as the model, and thus must have you come back to the casting. There might be some new hot shot that wants to prove that they can do a better job, and wants all new models. Your job is to prove that you are still the model they need, by showing up to the casting. Do not be so sure that they remember you or should automatically just rebook you based on their employee's recommendation. Remember clients are people too, and just as quick as you can change your mind about someone or something, the same goes with clients. One more thing, you change too! You are not aware of it, but you might have gained or lost an inch or two, your hair might be different, they style or cut or color, it all adds up, and that is why they want to see you!

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