Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Peak Models, Fit Models...

IF you are a model with Peak Models, chances are you are either a fit model, or have some experience in the fit model arena. If you are not a fit model and are currently with Peak Models, please come on by to get your measurments taken,after all, you might be missing out on some key bookings. As most of you know I used to be a model back in the 90's, and fit modeling was a huge part of my income. For those of you who think that fitting is just not that great, think again, I made over $100,000.00 per year trying on clothes. Yes, that is a fact, a good fit model makes bank!
As a fit model, you must be proportionate, and have the proper agency experienced in fit. As a prior fit model, I can assure you that if you want an agency that knows fit, you are in the right place, Peak Models & Talent is the #1 fit modeling agency in the LA area. We work with top labels and designers, and we are always looking for great models to "fit" into our roster.
For the best fit in town go to www.fitmodels.net a division of Peak Models & Talent.

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lanapooh23 said...

I would like the opportunity to do fit modeling but my measurements were not taken when I came into the office. Is there an average height range for fit models? I am 5'11'' which is tall...but are there fit modeling opportunitites for taller girls?