Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Money Problems?

Ok, so in this economy it seems that with gas prices on the rise, models are being more careful about castings. This is NOT the time to be turning your nose up at jobs that might be booking at a lower rate. For those of you who find yourself with not enough money at the end of the month, you are exactly the person who should be getting out there and booking whatever you can! Some of you do not have any other sources of income, and for you to turn down jobs is surprising especially if you are not able to pay your rent. The reason I point this out is because people always wonder why they are always in the same financial place year after year. The answer is in you. The way you do business. The only way to change your finances is to change the way do business. When you turn down potential opportunitues, you turn down everything that comes with those new opportunities, including meeting new people and making new contacts. You decide your financial state, no one else.
It is time to start stepping up and booking your way out of debt. What have you done differently this year as opposed to last year that has dramatically improved your finances? Let me know!

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