Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Where is the competition?

With the high price of gas these days, a lot of models are opting out of castings. Models are tying to get a few appointments in a day to make it worth while to drive to meetings. Knowing this, it would make sense that other agencies are also having models duck out of castings and meetings.
What does this mean?
Yes, that is right, you have a better chance of booking since there are less people going to be showing up for castings. Don't stop your career because of the gas crunch. Use this opportunity to snap up those bookings that others are not showing up for.
Remember too, if you are a fit model, one good booking, can keep you from having to get a full time job. Print is only a day or two, but Fitting is the best deal in town if you want steady income.
Stay the course, and you will book.

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