Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What bookings are best?

Do you ever want to work for a certain company or client but just never get booked?
Do you wish your agent would send you out for a speicific client knowing you are right for the job?
Tell us about it!
Let us know what jobs you would like to book, and if you want us to contact anyone on your behalf, e mail me the clients name and number and I will call to try and get you in.
We are here to make money together, so if you have a contact or lead, and you need someone to open the doors for you, let me know.
Many models hear about bookings or castings that other models from other agencies are going on, and wondering why we are not casting the same job. Remember clients only call a certain number of agencies, so if you let us know what is going on, we can call and get you in as well.
There will be times when we have specific clients that only book with us, and there will be times where you hear of bookings that we should be apart of too. So, speak up, and let us know!
We are happy to call any clients you know are booking!
Thanks again, toegther we are better!

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