Tuesday, June 10, 2008

School and Modeling!

School is very important as we all know. Without an education there is little you can do in the modern world. In fact, I strongly recommend you start working on your back up plan after your modeling career is over righ now.
There are far too many models in their 40's that do not know what to do after the camera strops rolling, and this is a scary reality to face. The industry is not going to gently let you down, you will one day just notice that you are not getting booked, and that is when you know the gig is up.
As far as models that do go to school now, I commend you. If however your school is taking up the hours casting and bookings take place, then you are wasting your time modeling.
Here is the deal, classes are all hours. You can take night classes, late afternoon classes etc.
I cannot and will not be able to represent models that are not available during business hours...Monday through Friday 9- 6 pm.
If you are modeling just to make some extra money, that is fine, just remember that I cannot keep track of your time, I barely keep track of my own life~!
So, to get the most out of your agency, do not schedule classes during the hours of the modeling business. And remember, this is a business, maybe it is just a phase for you, but it is a business for us. We only make money when our models work, so if you are not available, we are forced to get someone else that is. Keep this in mind when setting up your classes.
The models that book are the models that are available!

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lanapooh23 said...

This is great advice that I need to consider when I start school next year. My classes are already in the evening but I have been contemplating getting a day job or not. I am going to be optomistic and hope that the money I make modeling can take the place of having day job. Or I will substitute teach so I can have the flexibility to call in or out for castings.