Monday, June 23, 2008

New photos?

I have been looking at all of your photos daily as I submit you for projects.
I have noticed that most of you have not bothered to update your resume on LA casting or update your photo.
Think of it this way, the casting directors and clients are looking at your submissions as well.
Don't you think that a new photo would be refreshing for everyone?
Maybe even get you called in to some bigger castings?
If you are not getting called into jobs paying over $1000.00 per day, then you are one of the models that needs to rethink your photos.
We book a lot of commercial print, and if you are not getting called, there is something missing.
I cannot do it for you, this is your part.
I want you to book, and I can only do so much, you need to get photos done and email me your 5 best shots to choose from for your profile.
Thanks so much!
Stay cool out there!

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