Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Keep it to yourself....

Ok here is a big lesson. When working with a client, we are constantly trying to get you the best rates. If you would please leave the negotiations to your agency, you will do a lot better.
Have you ever wondered why you need an agency? Imagine a client having to meet hundreds of models to choose the best ones, then imagine having to deal with all of those models and all of their induvidual concerns, time constrictions, etc.
It is just not worth it to the client. They would rather pay an agency to prescreen the models.
So, my best advice is to keep your personal life to yourself. You do not need to tell the clients anything about your business or life. If they want to book you, do not start telling them when you are not available, just refer them to the agency. There is nothing worse that a model that starts telling how unavilable sheor he is to a client.. it is a big red flag.
The client will automatically just look for another model that is available. Oh, and by the way, the same goes for your agency. When I see that models constantly are not availalbe for castings, I move on to the next model that is. I know it seems unfair, but I do not have all day to chase you down, so if in the back of my mind I have the memory that a model is always difficult to get ahold of, you can bet when a client calls for a direct booking, I will not be calling the models that are hard to book. Again, it is a numbers game, and we are against deadlines all of the time, so if you want us to think of you first, then think of going to our castings first.

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