Monday, June 30, 2008

Comp cards...

All right, the issue of comp cards keeps coming up for models. For some reason many of you think that cards are not necessary since the internet has taken over. Guess what?
No the case! Clients need cards shen you go to a casting, and no they do not remember you.
Sorry, there are just too many people, and no they are not going to remember you no matter how great you may think you look, 0r how good the casting went.
If you cannot afford to get comp cards made, then that should be a sign to you that you should get another job perhaps at night to support yourself while trying to get this modeling thing going.
You cannot play the modeling game without your gear. Sorry, it just does not work any other way.
For the models that are working and still wont get cards done, I am especially sorry for you since you know that you are booking and how can we get to the next level without tools?
I feel like I have to beg and plead with you to help yourselves. I have 3 little kids, so I cannot be your mommy too. Please for your own good get your cards done, or be done with this business. Let me know where you stand on this, so I can find someone that wants your spot.

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