Friday, May 16, 2008

More photos!

For young women 16-24- make sure to get a beauty shot, a shot that is a close up of your face. Light make up and natural outdoor lighting. Also, take a shot in an evening dress, a jeans shot, a work out wear shot, and a swim suit shot. Keep it clean and classy no jewelry.

For young men 16 -24 - take a shot in a trend that is age appropriate, if you play a sport, show it, if you climb rocks or mountain bike, show it, also tak a suit shot, a work out shot, a board short shot, and a corporate looking business casual shot, think urban hip, think Abercrombie & Fitch
For contemporary women - 24-35 - take a busniess shot, a young mom shot, a tennis or work out shot, a hotel spa shot, a classic swimsuit shot, ( keep it classy) no pin up looks, remeber you are selling products and services.

For contemporary men - 24-35 urban hip, GAP look, Bananna Republic, a suit shot, a casual work da shot, a daddy shot, a tech shot ( think Starbucks) and your laptop, a swim shot, and a gym shot.

For classic women - 35- and up think of healthy life lifestyle, beach settings, vacation shots, cruise shots, tennis, cooking, hotel spas, hotel luncheon shots, luxury car shot, think upscale and approachable.

For classic men - 35 and up think the same as the classic women, add a little sporty golf stuff, tennis, glass of wine and a lovely lady shot, again think of products selling to the public think upscale. If you have a more blue collar look , do a shot with a flannel shirt and jeans. Keep it real!

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