Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Getting paid!

Ok guys and gals, it is time to talk vouchers!
Do you know why we are such sticklers about the voucher being filled in completely and turned in to our office asap? It is to get paid...
Once you book a job, the only proof that you have that you worked is a signed voucher from the client which is verification that you were there. When you do not turn in a voucher, it is very difficult to track. We have hundreds of jobs and so your part is getting your paperwork in. Think of it like a bank deposit. If you turn in your voucher, it is like making a deposit into your account. If you do not turn in a voucher, it is like a withdrawl. It could take months to get paid, and no one wants that. One more thing, call us if you do not have a voucher before you leave the site of a booking!!!
If you do not have vouchers or stickers for your cards, please call the office at 661-294-1100 and ask that someone send some to you immediately.
Again, we are counting on you to total your vouchers correctly, and get them back to us asap.
You are welcome to fax them as well. Make sure to re-write the voucher # somewhere in big letters if you are faxing, since the fax does not catch all of the #'s in the top right corner.
Looking forward to your vouchers!

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