Friday, May 16, 2008

Current Bookings!

Wow, it have been a busy spring season!
I have been noticing that many of you do not have updated photos on your LA CASTING accounts, and ACTORS ACCESS! Do you think that casting directors want to stare at the same photos year in and year out? When you do not update your photos, it is percieved that you are not serious by your agency and casting directors. Do you wear the same clothes year in and year out? No, you get updated things to keep a new look going. The same goes for the photos you have representing you!
I have also seen clients that ask for more photos and I have them to send booking the talent...for instance we just booked a 3 day print job that shoots at an exclusive resort in MEXICO.
Our model Alan Bragg was quick to send me the photos they requested, and boom....booked!

You should answer the phone at our office some time after we call for photos or comp cards.
Would you like to know the #1 excuse that models use when they have no updated photos?
Here it is..."I am shooting and getting new photos in about a week or two, so that is when I will get a new card or photos to you"
So, for those of you that are planning this story, save it, I am so over that one you have no idea.
I want to see new photos of people that have not shot in the past 6 months by the end of this month. Also, if you are "with Peak" and have not made a comp card or e mailed us photos, you will be dropped by the end of the month if I do not see any photos.
Sorry, but there are way too many people that want to do this, and if you are not serious, and you know who you are, then please move on and stop wasting your time doing something you are not even interested in.

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