Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Hello everyone~
I know with the news out there telling of rising gas prices and economic strife everywhere, you are all wondering what is going on in the industry.
So, I thought I would keep you posted on some of the bookings and castings going on these days at PEAK MODEL & TALENT!
We just booked the 4 SEASONS HOTEL print, which had a great bonus on top of the day rate, the model was give $1000.00 in spa services for free!!
Next, we booked a 4 day EXCLUSIVE RESORT in Mexico for one of our mature men. Remember, keep it classy and you might be going off to the sun and sand spots to be photographed!
We are currently casting a catalog for kids and adults that will be featured on the web, catalogs, billboards, and trade publications. Congratulations to all of the people that have been preselected to audition for this client. You know who you are!
One of our newest gals that shot with walked in and booked a NIKON commercial!
One of our kids booked an AT&T national spot, and continues to go out weekly.
We had two models book the HUMIERA print.
We had a movie booking for Megan with TROPIC THUNDER!
We also booked a sports fashion show that worked 6 models for 2 days at $150.00 per hour!!! Nice booking indeed!
We have a quick eyewear catalog booked with two of our guys.
And we have several models already booked for the MIAMI swim show in July.
Our very own Anna S. booked a magazine cover, we booked 2 models on a lingerie catalog, including one plus size lady!
We also have been shooting a steady stream of shots for a product catalog that uses models daily.
TImea just returned from her travels with us and a bridal company, and they loved her.
Our plus size ladies have been booking print and fit, and the list goes on.....
As you can see we are constantly booking, and if it is slow for you, please drop by and bring your portfolio for review. If you are not booking there is a reason, and we need to have you showing up for everything. Remember, making some money is better than no money!
As we grow, the jobs are great, and so are the talent booking. I would love to see more of you booking with us, I know you have it, but maybe you are not really giving it your all.
As you can see a lot happens in a week

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