Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Hello everyone~
I know with the news out there telling of rising gas prices and economic strife everywhere, you are all wondering what is going on in the industry.
So, I thought I would keep you posted on some of the bookings and castings going on these days at PEAK MODEL & TALENT!
We just booked the 4 SEASONS HOTEL print, which had a great bonus on top of the day rate, the model was give $1000.00 in spa services for free!!
Next, we booked a 4 day EXCLUSIVE RESORT in Mexico for one of our mature men. Remember, keep it classy and you might be going off to the sun and sand spots to be photographed!
We are currently casting a catalog for kids and adults that will be featured on the web, catalogs, billboards, and trade publications. Congratulations to all of the people that have been preselected to audition for this client. You know who you are!
One of our newest gals that shot with walked in and booked a NIKON commercial!
One of our kids booked an AT&T national spot, and continues to go out weekly.
We had two models book the HUMIERA print.
We had a movie booking for Megan with TROPIC THUNDER!
We also booked a sports fashion show that worked 6 models for 2 days at $150.00 per hour!!! Nice booking indeed!
We have a quick eyewear catalog booked with two of our guys.
And we have several models already booked for the MIAMI swim show in July.
Our very own Anna S. booked a magazine cover, we booked 2 models on a lingerie catalog, including one plus size lady!
We also have been shooting a steady stream of shots for a product catalog that uses models daily.
TImea just returned from her travels with us and a bridal company, and they loved her.
Our plus size ladies have been booking print and fit, and the list goes on.....
As you can see we are constantly booking, and if it is slow for you, please drop by and bring your portfolio for review. If you are not booking there is a reason, and we need to have you showing up for everything. Remember, making some money is better than no money!
As we grow, the jobs are great, and so are the talent booking. I would love to see more of you booking with us, I know you have it, but maybe you are not really giving it your all.
As you can see a lot happens in a week

What are you up to these days?

Ok everyone, I want to hear from you. You can post your reply on this site, so let's get chatting about what you are all up to these days.

First of all, what is your main focus in the entertainment business?

What types of jobs are you booking?

I would love to hear your feedback, as it is always in all of our best interest to keep the communication open.

Remember, we are always trying to help along the careers of the people represented by Peak.

Let us know what you think, and we will consider any suggestions as well.



Getting paid!

Ok guys and gals, it is time to talk vouchers!
Do you know why we are such sticklers about the voucher being filled in completely and turned in to our office asap? It is to get paid...
Once you book a job, the only proof that you have that you worked is a signed voucher from the client which is verification that you were there. When you do not turn in a voucher, it is very difficult to track. We have hundreds of jobs and so your part is getting your paperwork in. Think of it like a bank deposit. If you turn in your voucher, it is like making a deposit into your account. If you do not turn in a voucher, it is like a withdrawl. It could take months to get paid, and no one wants that. One more thing, call us if you do not have a voucher before you leave the site of a booking!!!
If you do not have vouchers or stickers for your cards, please call the office at 661-294-1100 and ask that someone send some to you immediately.
Again, we are counting on you to total your vouchers correctly, and get them back to us asap.
You are welcome to fax them as well. Make sure to re-write the voucher # somewhere in big letters if you are faxing, since the fax does not catch all of the #'s in the top right corner.
Looking forward to your vouchers!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Big Mistake!

Ok, I guess it is just a Friday! I just want you to know that if you are a model with Peak Models & Talent and we send you to a casting, do not complain about the rate AFTER you went on the casting. It turns out that some models want higher rates, and guess what, so do we!
Yes, that is the problem, there are models out there doing jobs off of the internet and wondering why modeling rates dip...well, if they did not have accesss to low rate models, the clients would have to call the agencies, and yes the rates would go up!
And in case you are wondering, the more you make the more we make, so if we can get a better rate, you can be assured that we are fighting for the better rates on your behalf.
We all need to realize that we are in this together and if you think that we are not trying to get the best rates for you, you are mistaken.
ONe more thought, how does your book look? How many tears do you have? When was the last time you shot? How many campaigns do you have? Start answering those questions before you start complaining about rates, maybe you have not done your part to get the great rates!
Keep on shooting and we will shoot for the better rates for you when we see what you can do too!

More photos!

For young women 16-24- make sure to get a beauty shot, a shot that is a close up of your face. Light make up and natural outdoor lighting. Also, take a shot in an evening dress, a jeans shot, a work out wear shot, and a swim suit shot. Keep it clean and classy no jewelry.

For young men 16 -24 - take a shot in a trend that is age appropriate, if you play a sport, show it, if you climb rocks or mountain bike, show it, also tak a suit shot, a work out shot, a board short shot, and a corporate looking business casual shot, think urban hip, think Abercrombie & Fitch
For contemporary women - 24-35 - take a busniess shot, a young mom shot, a tennis or work out shot, a hotel spa shot, a classic swimsuit shot, ( keep it classy) no pin up looks, remeber you are selling products and services.

For contemporary men - 24-35 urban hip, GAP look, Bananna Republic, a suit shot, a casual work da shot, a daddy shot, a tech shot ( think Starbucks) and your laptop, a swim shot, and a gym shot.

For classic women - 35- and up think of healthy life lifestyle, beach settings, vacation shots, cruise shots, tennis, cooking, hotel spas, hotel luncheon shots, luxury car shot, think upscale and approachable.

For classic men - 35 and up think the same as the classic women, add a little sporty golf stuff, tennis, glass of wine and a lovely lady shot, again think of products selling to the public think upscale. If you have a more blue collar look , do a shot with a flannel shirt and jeans. Keep it real!

The Photos you need!

Ok, now that I have ranted on about the photo situation, it would only be fair that I tell you what type of photos you need. So, here are some age appropriate suggestions that you might want to take under advisement.
For the kids- keep it young and natural. No make up, looking like a kid, real , smiles, just be you.

For the teens - same as the kids, just try to get a few shots of the trends you fit into, such as if you are a long haired guy, try taking a shot with a skateboard or surf board. For the girls, try a cheer outfit, or some sport that you are good at. For the boys, a photo of you in your sport uniform is great too.

Current Bookings!

Wow, it have been a busy spring season!
I have been noticing that many of you do not have updated photos on your LA CASTING accounts, and ACTORS ACCESS! Do you think that casting directors want to stare at the same photos year in and year out? When you do not update your photos, it is percieved that you are not serious by your agency and casting directors. Do you wear the same clothes year in and year out? No, you get updated things to keep a new look going. The same goes for the photos you have representing you!
I have also seen clients that ask for more photos and I have them to send booking the talent...for instance we just booked a 3 day print job that shoots at an exclusive resort in MEXICO.
Our model Alan Bragg was quick to send me the photos they requested, and boom....booked!

You should answer the phone at our office some time after we call for photos or comp cards.
Would you like to know the #1 excuse that models use when they have no updated photos?
Here it is..."I am shooting and getting new photos in about a week or two, so that is when I will get a new card or photos to you"
So, for those of you that are planning this story, save it, I am so over that one you have no idea.
I want to see new photos of people that have not shot in the past 6 months by the end of this month. Also, if you are "with Peak" and have not made a comp card or e mailed us photos, you will be dropped by the end of the month if I do not see any photos.
Sorry, but there are way too many people that want to do this, and if you are not serious, and you know who you are, then please move on and stop wasting your time doing something you are not even interested in.

Current Bookings!

Monday, May 12, 2008

E Tools for Success!

Hi Everyone!
Spring has sprung, and so have some amazing tools I am using from my husband Craigs Marketing Strategies for success. With some of the cutting edge information he has passed onto me, I a preparing a marketing strategy that will improve your visibility as a model.
I am looking for 5-10 models to start out with to do a shoot and video shoot that will be used to promote the model and agency at the same time.
This project will take place with a team of people with one common goal, marketing.
Please e amail me if you are interested in taking your career to the next level, and I will let you know when we are shooting. This is not a paid booking, as it will be designed to promote you nationally. The shoot will take about a day, and I will feed you too!
Thanks so much!

Los Angeles Modeling Angecy

For many models an agent is the golden ticket to clients. Peak Models has always had a strong relationship with cleints. Our market extends from SanDiego to Santa Barbara, with our main focus in Los Angeles. We have always had a strong presence in the LA market, and if you ask models at castings, you will find that more that 80% of or bookings are in LA.
Keep up the good work Peak Models!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Ok, now that may seem strange to some of you that I am saying Happy Mother's Day, but the truth is that many of you do have children, and you should be proud. Models are people too, and having kids does not mean that the gig is up. In fact, now you can do the "young mom and dad" stuff that pays REALLY WELL!!!

As far as bookings go, things have been really busy this spring. Check back this week to see who has been book this month, and what types of things we have been booking.

I do not list everything since there is a lot of competition, but I will list the jobs that are completed and over so that you can see what happens at the agency!

In the mean time, have a great weekend, and I will post this week with some exciting news for anyone who is interested in taking their career to the next level.