Monday, April 14, 2008

Finding your best market!

Watching models and actors turn down jobs is amazing to me. I have seen more women tell me that they do not want to go on the "young mom" looking castings because they are still caught up in the sexy girl idea in their heads. Let's face it, time will come along and deal us some new cards.
And do not think that just because you do not have kids, that you are immune from the "young mom" jobs. There are more than enough sexy hot types, and chances are , someone has a head start on that area, but there are not as many " classic types" or "young moms" or "girl next door" types in the LA area. That is why these types work the most. As far as swimwear goes, again the "bimbo" look does not work, it is clean fresh, healthy and fit. Not over the top Playboy looks. There is a place for that market, but do not get confused, know where you fit in and maximize that market.

As far as the men, keep your options open as well. You can benefit from different looks as well.
Do not get caught in the trap of one look. Try to keep it mainstream, urban hip, busniess, work out, golfer guy, young dad, and casual living guy. Think hotel brochures, cruise ships, gyms, cell phones, camera companies, insurance companies. These are the clients looking for new faces.
Remember the more versatile you are, and the more photos that show your versatility, the better off you will be.