Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Too many cooks in the kitchen!

Ok everyone, we all know that you are out there doing your best, but having a ton of agents and managers is confusing for everyone.
At Peak Models & Talent we have noticed that we have a great group of talent, and therefore we have welcomed Christine Williams to handle our theatrical and commercial department.
If you are seeking theatrical representation, please know that we are only taking people across the board. This means that if we take you theatrically, you must be with us commerically as well.

It is just too confusing to manage the appointments with talent that is represented by multiple agents for all different aspects of their career.
To be considered for theatrical, it is important to have a resume and a demo reel up on LA casting. This is like the "front if the line" pass with casting directors. Your submission is seen first if you have an updated resume and a demo clip of your work.
For those of you seeking someone to put your reel together, I can recommend Shannon Penrod.
She is at 661-299-4636. She does amazing work, and all you have to do is give her your tapes and she will splice together a demo... Call her for pricing if you are interested.

Also contact Christine for theatrical and commercial at
Looking forward to seeing you all prosper this year!

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