Monday, March 10, 2008

Are you too good to do a booking?

In this climate with the economy on a downward trend, an election year, and clients stating that they are cutting back to save money, this is no time to think that you have a day rate minimum.
It has always amazed me when I hear that models will "not work for that rate".
Are you kidding? What are you doing? Turning money down due to ego? This has got to be one of the worst things a model can do to. Do you know how many models I have seen that cannot pay their rent, or call me desperate for a job after turning down castings where they did not like the rate? It is almost unbearable to watch as models sabotage themselves right into not paying thier bills.
Here is a basic rule of thumb, if you are not working on a day, and you get an offer to do a job, DO IT! You never know it might just pay your cellphone bill! Better yet, how about that $100.00 pair of shoes you just bought? Did you REALLY have the extra money to spend?
Here is another concept, did you know that modeling is a short lived industry? So, make the most of it, and work it! No one thinks any more of you if you only do high paying gigs, it is actually quite the contrary.

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Monica said...

Thank you for this Blog!! I have finally been able to read through all the entries and it is SO HELPFUL!! I have shot new photos, and am having them processed/retouched. I'll create a new Zed Card and get that to you once it's done. And I have no problem accepting jobs, large or small :)