Friday, February 22, 2008

The Portfolios are coming!

Just a quick note to let you all know that the portfolios have been ordered and they will be in the office in a few weeks. If you need a portfolio, please call or email
to let him know that you want a portfolio to be put aside for you.

If you are going to castings with an old beaten up book, please make sure to come in and get your new book. It is a reflection of your professionalism when you are walking in with a strong protfolio with your agency on the front. Models that go to castings with little plastic report covers or plain books do not look like they have any experience. So, at the risk of not looking like the unexperienced model, please reserve your book today.

On another note, have you shot recently? How about in the past 6 months? Do you have your new photos printed and in your book? Have you updated your comp card?
You all want to get more bookings, so please realize that we e mail your photos to clients. If you feel that you are not getting enough castings or bookings, then it is time to shoot.

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