Monday, February 11, 2008

Multiple agents?

Los Angeles is a vast market. Many models these days are opting to have multiple agents representing their careers. This can be good and bad depending on the situation. If you are not getting out at all, it is great to have more people trying to get you work. The challenge is not to short sell yourself. I have seen coutless models that are listed with new small start up agencies being shorted on a daily basis. For example, I had a client that was booking a salesmeeting at the day rate of $800.00 + 20% agency fee. I then found that another small agency was trying to book the same model that was registered multiple agencies for $300.00 + 20% for the day for the exact same booking. The model was really upset that she was losing so much money, but thankfully the job was worked out and since she had already signed an excluxive fit model contract, the client had to book at the higher rate with the better agency. The problem with small start up agencies that have not been booking for at least 7 years is the lack of experience. Even if they say they used to work at an agency, it is not the same. There is a reason that agencies have assistants and agents. The agents know the business better than anyone and they can handle the negotiations better from experience.
There is also the "spread too thin" concept. If you are constantly unavailable for your agent, you will quickly be deemed as "not serious" and this will trickle into the casting directors view of you as well. It is imperative that you show up for request castings to avoid the "flake" label.
This can happen when you are running around for too many agencies. Just remember, stay professional and keep your attendance up to get the best castings.

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