Thursday, February 7, 2008

Modeling 101

Modeling is a job for some, a career for others and a hobby for the rest. At Peak Models & Talent we are not looking for the models that are doing this as a hobby. We are seeking serious models that know how to show up. I know this all seems so superficial, but look at it this way, you are selling products. The companies need you and you need the bookings. So, on that note, please show up to your castings looking your best. If you are a Peak Model, you are expected to be representing your agency in the best possible way. You would never go to a business interview without a shower and clean clothes, the same goes for modeling. Hair and make-up are essential.

First impressions are key. You must be prepared with a neat and tidy portfolio along with your comp card for the client. It is also imperative that you wear undergarments. Many clients might ask you to try on their garments. Please remember to wear your undergarments to all castings and meetings you go on through Peak.

One last thing, stay professional, too much personal information about your life can make clients feel that you are hight maintenance. Keep it polite, professional, and to the point.

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