Friday, February 22, 2008


Allright everyone!
It is spring, and we all know that spring is a time for new beginnings. Some of you have the same old headshot on LA casting that has been there for a really LONG time, it istime for a change. By long, I mean anything over 6 months must be updated. Photos are the most important tool especially now with everything being electronic. Yes we still send cards, but we submit online all day long. So your photos must be OUTSTANDING. Your photo needs to grab the attention of the casting directors. Think color , energy and a beaming smile for the best results.
Oh one more thing, if you have either great abs, great hands, great feet, great hair, have a shot of whatever feature photographed. That way we can submit you for "parts" and that might be another area you could book. We are especially interested in Great hands. Have that shot uploaded on your account so it is easily accessed by casting offices.

We have already contacted many of you personally, and still we have not seen any updated photos. So, I though I would blog about it and let you know that the casting directors are tired of the same old photos. You change all of the time. Some of you have new haristyles and hair colors, and still the same old photos. We get comments back on our submissions, and many times we see a note that says,
" any updated photos?"

This is your call to action. Please shoot new headshots. Check out
he does amazing headshots with natural light. Another great place is For more glamorous shots try
There are several photographers to choose from, so go and get that done with a great photographer. If you need additional photographers, check the website for listings. If feel you have a great photographer, please forward me their website and contact info. We always like to refer people that know people.

We need comp cards all of the time. If you are not sure if you sent yours in, call the office, and better safe than sorry. Send them in today. It takes time out of castings and bookings if we have to keep bugging you to send your cards in.

Oh, one more thing,,,update your resume.
Did you know that some casting directors will not look at a submission without a resume?
Yes it is true. A pretty face is not enough. You need to tell them about yourself. Just do it!
It only takes a minute, and it can open more doors. Looking forward to your new photos when I am submitting!

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