Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What clients need to know!

Thanks for visiting our Peak Models & Talent blog. At Peak we understand that our clients have specific needs when it come to models. Not all models are created equally. For example, fit models are specific to the garment industry. Peak Models & Talent has a specific rister of models just for fit. These models have the experience fitting garments on a daily basis. A fit model must have specific measurements for the client. In addition to having great measurements, the models must be reliable and able to give fit advice to the client.

Many clients often do not realize that models are booked on the castings days. If we feel that we have a great models for your specific line, please understand that seeing the models is critical.
We send out photos with measurments, but seeing the models in person to try on your garments is the only way you can really truly assess the proper model.

All businesses survive by business transactions. By trying to book a models without an agency you run the risk of the models not showing up. At Peak we have our models sign a booking confirmation agreeing to our assignments. This assures you that the model will show up that you booked. Of course people get sick and there is a human element, however we can find a suitable replacement if needed. If you hire a model off the street, there is no guarantee that she will show up for your important meeting. We can offer the assurance that you will have the models you booked when you book them.

For print or catalog models, it is always best to deal with an agency. You will benefit from having an agent handle the model release forms. Usage fees and photo releases can become confusing to the models and cleints. It is best to have a professional arrange the details for your protection.

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Lori said...

I am proud to be a fit model for Peak, not only because of how great they are to work with but also because of their reputation.

Recently at a casting, the designer was questioning the model before me about her "fitting" experience and was becoming more and more flustered because the young lady did not understand the patternmaking and design element jargon. When she spoke with me about my experience she asked if I was with Peak and went on to say how great it was that there were experienced fit models and an agency who sends her ONLY what she needs.

So I can't say enough great things about Peak and their desire to help make the clients' and the models' jobs easier! Thanks!!!

Natasha Duswalt said...

Thank you so much Lori for the wonderful comments. We really strive to send informed fit models to our cleints. Thanks so much for passing along the positive response from the client. Natasha