Monday, January 28, 2008

Booking Jobs!

There is so much information surrounding the modeling industry, it is hard to know the truth when it comes to booking jobs. For many models, getting an agent is a dream. For others it is a reality. The truth is, in both cases, there are models that do not work.
There is so much that goes into a model getting the job. The first and most important thing is that you must be available for every casting you are sent on. Once you get an agent, the agent does not magically get you a job. The agent just opens the doors and you must then book the job on your own merits and looks.
Remember this, if you have an agent, there are hundreds of models every day trying to take your spot at that agency. Do not give your agent a reason to replace you. Some of the top reasons models are dropped from the agency are, not calling back, not going to castings, being late for jobs, and diva attitude.
Remember this too, who believes in you so much that they are willing to bet that you will work or they do not get paid? Your agent.

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