Saturday, January 12, 2008

America's Modeling Coach

Being an agent for Peak Models& Talent has shown me that there are so many models with so much to offer that just need a little guidance. As an agent I am always busy booking models on the next print job, fitting, or campaign. Now I am going to teach models the "how to" in the modeling business.
With so many modeling schools out there, it is hard to know who can really further a models career. As a former model and owner of a top modeling agency, I am America's Modeling Coach.
I can teach any model the in's and out's of the modeling business. In can share the inside secrets to assure that you will be ahead of the other models every time. I have the information that makes the difference between a model that works and one that waits by the phone. I know both sides of the business and I understand what it is like to go on castings and go sees, and I also know what the clients are looking for in a model they want to book.

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